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Complete job search organization & management in one powerful tool.

JobSeekersCafe is a powerful web-based software that you don't have to install or upgrade and contains an Auto-Capture Engine to quickly capture all the important job opportunity details.

Start now with a free 7-day trial and transform your outdated process of printing and bookmarking jobs into a high-tech, highly effective job search.

Find a Job, Fast
Cluttered desk BE GONE! You’ll love our paperless, all digital software solution for managing every aspect of your job search. LEARN MORE >>

Track Your Progress
Job search overwhelming? Use our handy browser widget to quickly save the jobs you apply for, and are interested in, without ever leaving that page.

Be Prepared All The Time
Powerful calendar and task management features with reminders and export options. Open 24/7/365, available wherever you have internet access.

*Tax Deductible Monthly Subscription
No contracts, pay-as you-go monthly subscriptions that you can cancel anytime. *Our Software-as-a-Service is tax deductible for most – consult a tax professional.

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State Unemployment Reporting
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Free Resume Review
Personal Job Interview Coaching via Skype
Enlightening Career Assessments
Job Search Library

With the average duration of unemployment at 10 months, job seekers will spend an average of 50 hours per month job hunting. Organization is the key to your success and until now the job search process has been manual and time consuming. We've created a one-stop high-tech job search management tool with one goal in mind - helping you get back to work, fast!

Whether you’re actively searching for work or passively looking for a better opportunity, we've packed JobSeekersCafe full of features including a CRM-like tool that translates the job posting html and places it into an editable job record with a .pdf of the original job posting for future reference.

Easily schedule your interviews and to-dos with email reminders, enter in company contacts, and job-related notes – then track your progress and stay in control of your job search. No more browser bookmarking, printing job postings, sticky notes or scrap paper necessary. It's simple and always available – anywhere you have internet access.

Check out our blog and library for stellar advice and useful links on all things job search related. Then take advantage of our other resources such as a free resume review, job interview coaching via Skype, enlightening career assessments, and more. So grab a cup of coffee and come hang out at JobSeekersCafe to accelerate your job search.

Happy Searching!

“Your software does it all, and your support services are excellent. Keep up the good work. I’m already back to work after just two months and I had fun tracking my progress.”

G. Lewis New Jersey

“I just want to say that I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time (unemployed for 9 months now!). Your site is elegantly simple and effective for organizing my job search. No more spreadsheets and printing out each job. Last week I forgot the name of my interviewer while waiting in the lobby and I was able to access it quickly with my phone. This is a high-tech job search tool that I recommend highly.”

C. Smithson Florida

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