Your Job Hunt Has Never Been Easier with our Job Search Super-Tool
You Can Switch Packages or Cancel at Any Time

Everything…in one place

Can’t find that job description anymore? Manage all of your job search activities including applications, notes, contacts, interviews, and more…all from one internet-accessible location.

Time Saving Widget

Job search overwhelming? Use our handy browser widget to quickly save your interesting job descriptions. Then access the job detail record in your account to add notes, track your qualifications, interviews, and more.

Your data is safe

Using the same technology as leading banks, JobSeekersCafe software is fully safe and secure. Plus, your data is private and confidential… your current employer will never know you are searching.

Easy to use

Using JobSeekersCafe for your job search may be high-tech, but it couldn’t be easier. We designed the interface and video help with you in mind, to save you time and to help get you back to work…fast!

*Your Job Search Expenses May Be Tax Deductible

Per IRS Publication 529, if you’re looking for a job in your current field, you may deduct certain expenses related to the search,including these Job-Hunting Expenses and Itemized Deductions:

  1. Memberships to job boards like TheLadders
  2. Membership to job search software like
  3. Career services such as resume assistance and interview preparation
  4. Travel to interviews
  5. Phone calls related to the search
  6. The cost of copying, printing, and preparing  your resume
  7. Child care (or care for other dependents) while you are job hunting
  8. Remember, you must not be changing careers. *Always consult a Tax Professional to be sure.
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